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A Few Things About Me

When I was five years old, my father took my sister and me on an all-day hitchhiking trip to Museum Village. It was a trip so redolent of pure happiness that sometimes a scent carried by a warm breeze, or the particular slant of sunlight across the afternoon sky, or even a certain sound, the plunk of a pebble skipped on a pond, can cause a mental time and space relapse. I was nineteen before I again hit the road and my boyfriend and I hitchhiked to Colorado. A year or so later my friend Lorraine and I took an extended, round-about hitchhiking trip from New York to California.
Since then I've been cross-country and beyond, using various modes of transportation, but I am now of an age where travel by means of an outstretched thumb at the side of a road has become a pulse-racing and self-satisfied memory.
Memories are the mainstay of writing creatively.
Nearly everyone has a book or two tucked in the memory bank. Whether you are attempting to write a manuscript to submit to mainstream publishers, intend to self-publish and distribute, or make photocopies as a gift to family and friends, and no matter the topic -- a life-style or business how-to, recipes, a memoir, fiction or fact, we all rely on our own, individual life experiences to bring our book to life. My job, as an Editor, is to help you translate those memories and experiences into a manuscript that will engage the reader and I have to say, it is a job I love.
In addition to working on other people's manuscripts, I have one published book to my credit, which I co-wrote with my friend Eric. In 1989 we met up in the Yucatan, in eastern Mexico, to write a bicycling guide to that country. I pedaled for seven months and Eric spent close to a year in the saddle. The result, Bicycling Mexico, published by the travel guidebook house Hunter Publishing, came out in 1990. To date, I have not heard of a comparable guide. Bicycling Mexico is long past availability in bookstores but can be found used through some of the online booksellers.
Below are some of the titles I've worked on over the years. An excerpt from Journey of the Heart, a book I ghostwrote, can be found under the Ghostwriting and Collaboration section of this website.
Rough Diamond by Michael Sand (2009)
HR Excellence: Improving Service Quality and Return on Investment in Human Resources by Scott Weston (Excellence Media, 2006)
The Population Fix: Breaking America's Addiction to Population Growth by Edward C. Hartman (Think Population Press, 2006)
Choosing Me Before We: Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love by Christine Arylo (New World Library, 2009)
Bohemian Heart by James Dalessandro (St. Martin's Press, 1993)
The Leadership Integrity Challenge: How to Assess and Facilitate Emotional Maturity by Edward E. Morler (Sanai Publishing, 2005)
The Gandhi Ring by Bruce Hartford (Westwind Writers, 2006)
Listen Up! How to Communicate Effectively at Work by Jane Schwamberger and Eunice Lemay (Papilio Publishing, 2007)
Toddlers in Daycare by Mike Rosso (2005)
The Complete Guide to Arches National Park by Thomas Rocerto (2006)
Cheebig: A Portrait of the 60s (working title), Vicki W.
The Complete Guide to Visionary Quantum Healing by Salomon Cohn (2004)
The Playboy Bunny's Cookbook by Kelly Morgan (2004)
Portrait of Alicia (working title), Jack E.