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Writers Need Editors

Hello, and welcome to my website. Please take a look around, jot down any questions, and contact me if you'd like to discuss your project.
Of all the creative arts processes writing is, arguably, the most difficult, requiring the mental and emotional space to delve into the deeper chasms of the mind. For most writers, whether working on fiction or nonfiction, writing demands a level of concentration best achieved without external distraction. Writers tend to write in isolation, without the benefit of constructive feedback.
(Reality check, the part about isolation and working without external distractions, the artist toiling in the garret. It sounds good but in truth, most of us work with a zillion interruptions: the telephone ringing, kids running around in the other room, office colleagues stopping by the cubicle or putting work on hold for a business meeting, the dog needing a walk, the baby needing a diaper change, this being the last day a movie you've been dying to see is playing. The possibilities for distraction are endless.
But, for all that, when we sit down to write, we are alone with our thoughts and once those thoughts hit the page, need to have them vetted).
A big motivation for writing with diligence and commitment is, of course, to share one's creative output with an audience. Before that point, there are some very good reasons for working with a freelance Editor. For one thing, an Editor can provide unbiased feedback, will point out the manuscript's strengths, and can provide much-needed encouragement when the writer is feeling discouraged and the project feels overwhelming. Equally important, an Editor can help pick out inconsistencies in the flow of the material, point out areas that are lacking, and can help you revise the material to correct the shortcomings.
Under the section Professional Services I have explained what I, as a freelance Editor do, and the ways in which the work can be categorized and divided into specific tasks.
You, the writer, can choose to hire me for any or all of these components.
I love being an Editor and look forward to our working together!