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Professional Services

Manuscript Reading and Written Critique
The emotional support of family members and friends may figure heavily in the writer's successfully completing the manuscript, and their opinions as first readers are vitally important. But despite the best intentions, the people who care most about you are, too often, unwilling to risk hurting your feelings by saying what they really think. Sometimes, they may simply not have the skills necessary to give constructively critical feedback.
Some writers choose to hire me solely to read their manuscript and provide a written critique. This process differs from copy editing by focusing on the readability of the story rather than on the readability and mechanics.
When I am asked to read a manuscript I assume, if you are willing to spend several hundred dollars for this kind of an opinion, that you want my response to be as candid, honest and constructive as I can make it. A good critique will provide the sort of information, feedback and opinion that will help you make significant headway in revising your manuscript.
I have included an excerpt from one such critique in the following example.