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Professional Services

Copy Editing
Copy editing is done after the manuscript has been edited and revised -- in other words, is close to being a final draft -- and is ready for a beginning-to-end read. The Copy Editor may be asked to do a critical read with written comments but will, especially, focus on the flow and readability of the material, will point out inconsistencies, and make corrections to sentence structure, spelling and punctuation.
If you feel that your manuscript is ready for a Copy Editor, I would be happy to provide this service.
When I am hired as a Developmental Editor, I usually incorporate copy editing into the process so that, when the manuscript is finished, the material can go to the Proofreader for the final read. Occasionally, however, if the material is dense or the writer and I have worked the manuscript so many times we've lost objectivity, I suggest having the work viewed by the fresh eyes and mindset of a colleague Copy Editor.
I have included a copy edited page in the following example.